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“ID-ONE TI” is made of titanium, as an improved version of the prior “ID-ONE SS” stainless begleri.   The concepts are the same. “ID-ONE TI” has gone through trial and error to find the perfect balance between its small diameter and the weight, in a visually pleasing way. “ID-ONE TI” is 1mm larger by diameter and height, compared to “ID-ONE SS”.  I've prioritized its weight over the usability factor this time. If I applied the same measurements, TI would be too light since titanium is a lighter material compared to stainless. I needed to re-size it. I've also smoothed out the bottom rim so it won't scratch. The begleri is 7.5g per bead and carries two additional weights (approximately 1.7g), making it 11g in total per end. All factors that consist “ID-ONE TI” - its material, size, weight and shape - are designed for better sling. You can try it and see how it slings. Each set comes with five 425 tactical cords, that are neither too thick nor thin, in different colors.   When using the additional weights, you could heat up the end of the cord with a lighter to create stops. size:19mm tall, 15mm wide, 4mm top hole, 8mm bottom hole Titanium beads ×2(7.5g /bead),Additional weights beads ×4(1.7g /bead) 425 Tactical cord ×5 Sticker ×2